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Please note this document is subject to change as development progresses

Q1 2021

✅ Launch of Core Product, AI-driven Quantitative trading strategies Reaching $50M AUM (Assets Under Management) as of 15th March 2023
  • AI Neutral Strategy
  • AI BTC Strategy (Bitcoin)
  • AI ETH Strategy (Ethereum)

Q2-Q3 2022

✅ Market Research
✅ Goals, Vision, and Mission
✅ Technical architecture and infrastructure
✅ Core team Hiring
✅ Partnerships with leading hedge funds

Q4 2022

✅ Soft Launch on Testnet
✅ Product Market Fit Analysis
✅ Company Formation & Formal Team Assembly
✅ Platform Development and UI/UX
✅ Token Economy and Roadmap Alpha Design

Q1 2023

⏳ Start testing the platform's core features with beta users
⏳ Integration with BNB chain, ETH * BTC Lightning Network
⏳ Explore BTC NFTs
⏳ Alpha App Development
⏳ White-paper release
⏳ Final Token Economy (tokenomics) and sNFT Ecosystem Release

Q2 2023

⏳ Pre IDO-Marketing Strategy
⏳ Development of smart contracts with regulatory compliance for Tokenized Fundraising
⏳ Project Fundraising (Seed, Private, Strategic)
⏳ Pre-TGE Alpha platform release
⏳ SoulBound KYC NFT+$KVNT Access Tier to unlock the platform trading
⏳ Public Sale + IDO & TGE
⏳ Listing on DEX

Q3 2023

⏳ SoulBound Wallet KYC NFT
⏳ Platform access unlocked via Staking a $KVNT Tier Collateral + Soulbound NFT
⏳ Phase 2 Marketing Strategy Public Interest - Retail investor specific
⏳ Initiation of the DAO and Tiered Staking
⏳ Beta release of the App (platform) for early adopters
⏳ Early Alpha on the News & Updates Side of the Platform
⏳ Market Reports Section produced by Analysts
⏳ Introduction of further AI-Driven Investment Funds

Q4 2023

⏳ Full Launch of the Decentralized APP (Asset Management Platform)
⏳ Launch of the DAO for $KVNT token holders
⏳ Kvant Self Improvement Proposals casted by KvantDAO members
⏳ Launch of liquid staking pools for sNFT holders
⏳ Launch of alternative denominated strategies - Bitcoin Strategy & Ethereum Strategy