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KVNT Token Ecosystem

The native utility token will serve multiple purposes, including payment for platform fees, incentives for ecosystem participants, and governance of the platform.
The $KVNT Utility Token is at the epicenter of the entire Kvants Ecosystem:
  • DAO Governance
  • Staking & Yield Farming
  • $KVNT Tier
  • NFT Marketplace
Users need to mint a free KYC NFT to verify their identity for full-compliancy and then stake a $KVNT tier that determines their maximum subscription size into the tokenized funds available on the Platform.
As the algorithms offered via the tokenized funds on the Kvants Platform generate revenue in the form of a performance fee, 95% of the profit generated in USDT goes towards open market
  • Buy-Back and Burn
  • Buy-Back and Redistribute as revenue-backed APY
  • Buy-Back and Liquidity Lock