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Ecosystem Overview

Tokenized AI Trading

Our tokenized AI trading platform offers AI-driven quantitative trading strategies for over 25 top crypto assets, including AI Neutral, Bitcoin & Ethereum Strategy funds. Our platform ensures full KYC/AML compliance and secure, trusted trading with Web3 wallet authentication.
News/Report Platform
Users can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and macro/micro analyses of the global crypto markets through our news/report platform, featuring market reports, social signals, analyst opinions, due diligence, and institutional-level education on Web3 portfolio management.

Kvants NFTs (sNFTs)

We offer NFT-based fund subscriptions and redemptions, with discounts on performance fees with locked liquid staking contributions. Additionally, we provide APY distribution backed by the performance of the AI.

DeFi Elements

All funds are managed via on-chain smart contracts and Web3 wallets, utilizing crypto assets, soul-bound NFTs, and liquid staking elements for security and transparency. Our platform is governed by DAO governance, where stakers and NFT holders have a say in the direction of trading strategies, voting rights, and overall governance of the platform.

Knowledge Center (Community Hub)

Our Kvants Community Hub provides a trend prediction info center, social signal fund asset analysis, weekly reports, frequent upgrades based on expert suggestions, and Q&A sessions with the team.


Finally, our $KVANTS token serves as the utility and governance token of the platform, allowing users to buy back, burn, redistribute profits to token holders, and more.