Objective of Kvants.Ai

The primary objective of this platform is to create an accessible, transparent, and secure decentralized asset management ecosystem that allows retail investors to invest in AI-based trading strategies developed by top-tier hedge fund managers through tokenization.

Product & Team Accomplishments

  1. 1.
    An AI-Driven trading algorithm based on the volatility of the top 25 most traded and liquid digital assets with $50m assets under management.
  2. 2.
    Traders & Developers of the AI Based trading algorithm have got an established track record of managing a quantitative strategy at Citi Group on Wall-street for 13 years which has managed over $1.4B assets under management.
  3. 3.
    The core neutral strategy is a crypto-specific derivation of the strategy which managed $1.4B in traditional equity markets. Utilizing the increased volatility within crypto to increase the profit potential, from an average CAGR (Compounded annual growth rate) of 30% in equity markets to 75% average CAGR for the strategy trading digital assets.